From family and friends through to finances and investments, sometimes in life, it’s easy to take things for granted. Thanksgiving is a time to sit back, look around, and appreciate the things that you do have. Rather than focusing on the negatives, you can learn to take advantage of your opportunities in order to grow and reach your potential.

Having access to funds is an important part of life, with private and hard money lending providing a range of solutions for people who need accessible, flexible, and fast capital in a practical and hassle-free package. Let’s take a look at three key reasons why you should be thankful for trust deeds and non-conventional financing this holiday season.

Take advantage of investment opportunities regardless of your credit score

Private money and hard money loans allow you to access funds with a compromised credit score. While everyone would like perfect credit, sometimes life gets in the way. Instead of letting a mediocre credit score hold you back, you can access alternative lenders with less stringent lending criteria. Private and hard money lenders have a much higher approval rate than banks and other conventional lenders do, which makes it easier to access money instead of letting opportunities pass you by.

Access flexible financing solutions from a range of lenders

Private and hard money lenders offer flexible financing solutions that are less demanding than conventional loans. Not only can you access a large and diverse lending pool, but it’s also much easier to access funds quickly and with less documentation. In many ways, private money and hard money loans offer a more customized financing solution, with borrowers able to team up with lenders based on the constraints of specific projects and timelines. Rather than feeling down because the banks aren’t interested, you can access specific lenders from a large pool and take advantage of greater communication and more personalized service.

Access money quickly in a way that’s practical and hassle-free

While bank loans are secure, they can also be terribly inefficient and difficult to access. Private and hard money lenders can offer you quicker service with diminished waiting times and less paperwork. From finding finance through to loan approval and closing, speed and efficiency are extremely important when it comes to investments. Being able to access funds from a range of lenders in a way that’s quick and fuss-free is definitely something to be thankful for, both during Thanksgiving and at any time of the year.

After the turkey and pumpkin pie have been eaten and you’re ready to invest in your next real estate deal, First Capital Trust Deeds can help you explore your financing options.