12-Month Bridge and Rehab Loan In Stockton

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12-Month Bridge and Rehab Loan In Stockton

First Capital Trust Deeds secured a 12-month bridge and rehab loan in Stockton for a real estate investor who acquired dilapidated home at foreclosure auction a few weeks prior.

The loan provided $83,000 against the as-is value of the home and an additional $40,000 to rehab the property. The property needed a lot of work in order to qualify for an FHA or Fannie Mae / Freddie Mac financed end user buyer. Our borrower had extensive experience renovating properties to meet FHA/FNMA/FDMC requirements for property condition, so the $40K rehab budget would most likely be fully utilized.

12-Month Bridge and Rehab Loan Terms:

  • $83,000 Initial Draw
  • $40,000 Rehab Funds (Interest for Rehab Funds Accrues on Day 1)
  • 12-Month Term
  • No Prepayment Penalty
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