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Owner Occupied: Self-Employed Qualified Using 12-Months Business Bank Statements

Loan Details

Loan Amount:  $475,000

Loan-To-Value:  65% LTV

Rate: 6.99

Term: 5/1 ARM Interest-Only

Situation & Challenge

The self-employed homeowners in Washington state had seller financing on their primary residence coming due within a few months and needed to refinance.

Traditional conventional financing can be difficult for self-employed borrowers due to fluctuations in Adjusted Gross Income (AGI), which is most often the final number of conventional underwriters work from. 

Solution & Result

First Capital worked with a non-QM lender that used the half of gross deposits from the most recent 12 months of business bank statements to calculate income.   

The non-QM route was the way to go. Though painful and cumbersome at times, as all consumer loans tend to be, FCTD got the loan done, paying off the seller financing. 

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