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Private Money For Commercial Warehouse

Loan Details

Loan Amount:  $1,500,000

Loan-To-Value:  48% LTV

Rate:  10.00%

Term:  15 Years

Situation & Challenge

The owner of a free & clear warehouse needed $1,500,000 to invest in new technology for the business and wanted to have the funds within 30 days.

Private money interest rates are not the most attractive at 10.00%.  Yet, the owner needed the money quickly and was comfortable paying the extra cost if it meant they could utilize the equipment sooner rather than later.

Solution & Result

FCTD worked with a Northern California investment fund that structured a 15-year term against the warehouse. The loan featured an 18-month interest guarantee (18 payments), which allowed the fund to count on at least 1.5 years of interest payments from the loan.

The loan closed within 20 days of the borrower first calling in to inquire about financing.

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